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    top 7 favorite fictional ladies | in no particular order

    joan watson

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  3. Joan is having none of your s**t!

  4. Jonny Lee Miller on the set of Elementary (x)

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    I thought I was hurt in my pride only,
    forgetting that,
    when you plunge your hand in freezing water,
    you feel
    a bangle of ice round your wrist
    before the whole hand goes numb.

    - Sounds of the Day by Norman MacCaig

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  8. Would you be surprised to learn you’ve been on my mind, Joan Watson?

  9.  Sherlock  + Shirtless  

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  11. Why don’t you take him for a walk? Crash a prom or something.

  12. I am an actual tattoo artist ; I do a lot of these myself. “

  13. For an episode that clearly wishes to expand the world that Sherlock and co. live in as well as bring Detective Bell back into the field its all the more apparent how shakily the writing for Joan is progressing. The reason why Sherlock is such a spectacular character is because of the time and effort that the show has given him: he’s nuanced to such a degree that even only a season and a half in we feel like we know him inside and out. There’s no face value with him, only nuance and complexities. The Joan character deserves the same amount of time, the same amount of effort. She’s rapidly turning into nothing more than a sounding board for Sherlock’s queries and asinine ideas, providing one reactionary response after the other. The closest we got to characterization for her this episode was her interest in the mob that stemmed from where she’d grown up as a child. That’s it. Joan could be such an interesting character, easily on par with Sherlock, and Lucy Liu is doing everything she can with the material she’s given, but it’s becoming more and more apparent which character is favored and which is being left by the wayside.

    from Blast Magazine’s review of “All In The Family” (via elementarymeta)

    It was about the time for a professional review talk about this. The writing staff and Doherty need a wake up call. 

    (via yeahbeeswax)

    they put it so succinctly, too.

  14. thedeductionist:


    I just watched the Elementary finale. I was all convinced that I was spoiled because I saw the line “Irene was fucking Moriarty”.

    Thank you, ambiguous ‘fucking’. You gave me quite the surprise.


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